Whilst the stigma of being in therapy has lifted, seeing a therapist is never an easy decision. So once you decide that therapy is the route for you, how do you find the right therapist for your problem, your personality and your lifestyle?

First things first. I believe that the relationship between therapist and client is central to the process of healing and repair. You need someone who you have chemistry with for you to really connect in order to feel safe, seen and understood. Take your time in finding the right person for you because you’ll be going on one heck of a journey together.

My approach is guided by honesty and curiosity. I bring warmth, humour and insight to support you through the process of defining the problem, deciding how best to approach it, and agreeing a direction for the work. Collaborating together we'll uncover how current difficulties are developed and maintained and explore the possibilities for change. I will give you the tools to become more emotionally aware and self-reflective so that you can navigate both your inner and outer world with greater confidence and clarity.

My core training is integrative and draws upon all schools of psychology. I take a holistic view of who you are and confer equal significance to mind, body and feelings, all of which are inherently valuable and meaningful to your experiences. I believe that your past, present and future are all interrelated which creates an opportunity for you to explore how you were, how you are now and how you would like to be.

I draw from a wide range of therapeutic techniques to suit the individual needs of my clients. You will be able to internalise these techniques as tools and implement them between sessions and long after your therapy has ended in order to maintain positive change.

I’m a registered member of BACP and abide by their professional code of ethics. I also undertake regular supervision with an experienced colleague to review my clinical work.

Prior to entering the psychotherapy profession I obtained a 1st class BA (Hons) in Politics and worked extensively across both the public and private sectors. I know from the inside what it’s like to work in a fast paced and demanding environment and the physical and psychological sacrifices that we make in order to keep up. I also know what it’s like to crave a change of direction and how scary the prospect of upending your life can be.

Throughout the years I’ve committed to my own personal therapy journey which means that I know what it’s like to be sitting in the other chair. I strongly believe in the value of therapy and the foundation it provides in helping to build a more harmonious life.